Prezzies Anyone? *Hopefull look*

Friday, January 1, 2010

ive lost everything

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Haha. Exactly 7 months since i last posted.

The sky just turned blue. its beautiful btw.

This. is gonna be a epic long post. at least i hope it will be.

Well guys, first off. relationship is doin good. 7 months and still goin =D

and well. lately been some ups and downs. and i must say. Maple. i hate the people there. Most
of them suck. But ive met some awesome people. Which leads to..

Saphhhhyyy. Shes the most awesomest mapler i met so far =) and a great dota player too. If you are reading this, just so you know, you are a great mei. =)

and that leads to Kenji and Flamie. really awesome people. most nights are spent with these owls now adays. and i love everynight. =) feel alive. really alive at night. with these people. Dont know what ill do at night without u people. Sleep maybe? Nah. sleep is for da weak! >3

anyhow.. gosh. the year is almost over. so many things happened this year. So damn many.
but some how.. im recalling the friends, people i met in the past. that.. well.. i dont know. i lost contact with? or dont see much often.. Gosh i miss you guys..


Lacan and tears. Gosh.. i wont forget u two. Tears of Chivalry, tears of love, etc etc. Dude. awesome memories man...

Shiela, IceBlueEyes. BunnyBChan. yes i still remember igns. sheila sheila. miss you and yuenkay. Omg. yuenkay. ._. ill always miss your amazing anime drawings...

Didi.. sad i cant even remember your gamer name anymore. You are my first didi ever. Fun times eh. haha. You used to call me Wolf Kor. and we pvp-ed so much last time. Mvp-ed too. remember the 1 week i didnt sleep to lvl up the guild? Hhaa...

TheEliteZ- my very first RO guild. I miss the good old times.. haha. we always helped ppl when they got PvP-ed. we were awesome..


xCazCaz, xMilkMilk. i miss the times with u guys. the times where the maple community was much kinder and friendlier.

MouldyFish. haha. ill always rmb ur epic name. and also the times u got ur maid to go get @cash for you. Then u bought me that wolf cash helm. hahas. Everyone called me colour wolf for some time :0


What is school life without u guys. Seriously.
Number 2- Nicholas. Dude. You the most macho man ive ever met. And yes. I like eggs.
Number 4- hanyang. Man. you cool. Cant touch this kay.
Number 7- Bilal. Hahahah. *does the owl hoot thing*. You. Big.
Number 9- :) thats me.
Number 18- Ming kun.. weve known each other for? 13 damn years man... You the fastest runner ever.


Alex.. Joshua.. Kar Lock.. Lyee Pein.. Weng Kee.. calvin.. rmb the FF times? rmb the Megaman times? Oh god i miss those days.. i miss it when the gang was together. The good old times. remmber the food fight? Karlock and his chicken bone... remember the overnights? Remember nathalie's farewell..?

Nathalie, afina, vicky kek, kai leeng, ning pei. I MISS YOU PEOPLE. the gang.. the gang.. T___T darn it. Primary school will never be the same without u guys. i miss you people..

Honestly. I pray that i wont forget any one of you. each of you made up a part of my life. I wont forget any of you.

Best of luck in life. Dont forget me. Dont sleep too much. Party harder. Live harder. Make a notch in history. And make your stand.



ps. ill always be. Kj, OrionsWolf, Entrux, xBueBue, FB, Unlovabl3, iEchox3.
Always. thats me. Each of these names have a memorable period of time that i will cherish. =)

Saturday, May 30, 2009


As of 30th May 1.03am.
She said yes. She made me the Happiest Man. She Said YES!!!


yes. I. Have. A. Girlfriend.

Shes.. perfect,lovely,caring,kind and smart.


Its a dream come true folks!

To : Asiaworks people, ive finally achieved my goal.. for 2 years? Haha.
To : Friends in school, Hey people! =P yes. Finally! No more lonely days for meeeh~
To : Friends outside of school, ready for double dates?
To : FB- hey =P thanks for bein there =P
To : My brothers. Rm30. haha. Joking. =P

To : My babe, my princess, my girl. Love you sooo much! Thank you. For being mine. Thank you for taking a risk, Thank you for being my Juliet. I swear i will never hurt you. I will be your Romeo to protect you, love you and care for you. <3


erm. on a side note. Dude = donkey penis. =_=

Hahaha! Cherrio folks!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wohoo~ MIA-ed for so long. LOL sorry guys.

Okay! =) Sorry for not updating for SOOO long. But. well. okay. i was. am . Lazy

haha. the past few weeks are AWESOME. =)
leme show u.

My birthday~

And this is my attire for the day!

Alex and Bilal!~

Bilal with the Carls jr star thingy.

My single promo galatino burger

ghmmm. YUMS!

And theres Hanyang And Nicholas!

And Ze-Lyn, Dan dan and Eli!~

And Wai Hoe and Ming Herng

We went to This fancy restaurent for dinner. =)
And yeaaa Thats yi wen and we lin. Hehs

Zi yang on the righttt

Patiently waiting for the food. Damn it took ages.

The girls were chit chatting. Wei Lin (mid) was happie =)

My peppermint TEA

Erm. Mei Chien's drink..


Everyone DIG IN!

Thats Kim Guan. =D

This dark dude is my bro, Ming KUn ! ive known him for...
13 years..

Group PIC #1

Group pic #2

i would love to get a job which involves me wearing suits..

And now. The PREZZIES!

Perfume from alex. =)

Thanks bro. Besties for life Mate!

Stuff from Ming Kun! hahahaha

OMG. A CIGAAR from Nicholas.

Thaanks. ALOT

Erm. Innocent black/grey box from Hanyang? hahaha.

A BIG LOUD birthday card and A Bookie from Stephie! =)
Thanks so much for coming.

A cool water bottle from Yi Wen and Wei Lin. Awww =)

The End. =)

And then. There was our. TEACHERS DAY PERFORMANCE.

After intense training.. we succeded. =)

We only had 4 days dudes. =)






Practice AFTER school.

ahaha. and then. the day. the BIG SHOW. is here. :D

everyone "hectic"-ing.

This floor. form the dancer's view. is SCARY!

Xiao Ying Looks pretty!!

Silver Flair~



Its been an eventful week. Everyones happy. The performance rocked. And i love my borthers and classmates so much more. "cough"gay"cough"

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Animal Abuse.

Hello. ><><

I came home today at around 5pm, and first thing i heard was dogs barking. i ignored it. >< dogs will be dogs right.

so i went shower and stuff...

2 hours later.

I went down for dinner. And the dogs are still barking. I'm quite frankly, amazed. Did the dogs bark from just now till this moment? o_O. Hmm.. okay, im done with dinner. And so. i decided to go see what the fuss was about.

i walked out of the house. and in a minute, i see...

2 dogs, chained to seperate trees.
both bloody cute and both bloody dirty.
they were barking. they were screaming their
little hearts out.
They barked till their barking voices turned to scowls and growls.
They yanked at their chains.
They are. PUPPIES.
I went to the doorbell of the house that owned the dogs and spamed my finger off.
They werent there.
I went back to the house, got some bread and 2 buckets of water.
At the sight of the bread, the two puppies went crazy.
The puppies were starved.
the puppies were chained.
the puppies are abused.
If those owners do not return and take care of the puppies,
i will personally break into their house and fling dog shit around.

damnit. >< we are supposed to be civilized beings. we are suppose to have a heart that can "feel".
Sadly, apparently, some people nowadays do not think , do not care. and do not love. damnit.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Tagged by Ze-Lyn =)

Tag 10 human :

Okay. 10 people. >< i don't really have ten people to tag..

1) Alex

2) Nicholas

3) Calvin

4) Hanyang

5) iJasmine

6) Jamie

7) Min Chi .

8) Min Yee .

9) Hannah

10) Suyen

Why you tagged him/her as number one?

ALEX = Cause he's been my friend for SO DAMNED long =) =) im glad to have such a frend lexxy!

Do you met number 2 before?

NICHOLAS = Yes. =) very much. =) we've sat next to each other for two years

What will you talk when you meet number 3?

CALVIN = Well... "path is too deep" questions and music. =) slipknot kind. Haha

What is the relationship of number 4 & 5?

HANYANG and JASMINE = Haha. Strangers

What is number 6 favourite singer?

JAMIE =i have NO idea. Lucky guess would be... Utada Hikaryu. =)

What is number 7 favourite TV Show?

MINCHI = Ill ask her on monday =)

Do you talk with number 8?

MIN YEE = Not really LOL. ill try. Not to annoy her so much. = D

How does number 9 look like?

HANNAH = Tall. pretty. Tall. Really Nice hair!. Tall. Oh and. Tall. =D

Who is number 10's lover?

SU YEN = Erm. I dont think i know. =)

=D haha. Lols. So, it actually took me 20 minutes to think about the first 10 tags. Lol. Weeee~ Its sad aint it. i dont think i have much friends with blogs.. =)

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Wohooo!! im back from singapore. =) Nice place. So...

Somewhere in february..

kj:eh. Lets go Singapore.
Nicholas : u serious?
Kj: yes. very much.
Hanyang: i got to ask my parents first.
Kj: okay. =)

Then.. Hanyang's sister bought the train tickets and there we were. on the 19th March in KL central waiting for Nicholas. he was almost late. =) had mc.D and dunkins donuts with hanyang before nicholas arrived..

And then there we were. =) on the train. TO SINGAPORE!

Oh. did i mention? its my first time overseas with friends. And first time
in singapore. =)

We departed at 2pm. reached singapore at.. 10.00pm.
It was an 8 hour ride.

hanyang brought his camcorder =) We took a taxi to our hotel.
Hotel Fragrance Oasis.

After a light dinner, (you can view the dinners and lunches over at hanyangs blog.)
We went walking around Orchard Road. The lights are pretty at night.

Then we went to the Riverside. =) The lights. Are. Preety.

hehs =)

There were plenty of bars there.
But we were tired. = (

Then we went back to the Hotel. =) the staff there is rather friendly!

it. was. A. SMALL. room. >,<

And so, Day 1 is over.
Heres Day 2. =)

Outfit for the day.

yes. LIONS =)

oh. and this guy is a male. HEHE

Then we went to swensons.
To meet up with a friend of mine. =)

Went to the movies and stuff. Didnt really take pics here. Sorry.

Then we went. to this place. Im not sure where tho. I guess its at the opposite of boat quay.

that is the directory of the area. Its Cute.


This is the menu for the Clinic bar.


Nicholas and hanyang chilling while waiting for the drinks.

Oh and. The decors there are. unique. The chairs are wheelchairs and the sofa, As pictured
is a hospital bed. With the wheels and stuff.

My Pyrophobia (Fear of Fire)
Its served in a Syringe. Its got a hint of pepermint
but mostly sprite.

hanyang had a Choclate martini! And Nicholas had an
Apple Martini.

yes. =) Very nice.

Then. WE realized. We hadnt had enough. So we went to the Singapore Sling bar.

The decors are NICE.

Those red Bottles are "Singapore Sling" a cocktail thingy.

A very fun experience. After a heineken for me, A
Gin & Tonic for nicholas,
and a... Fruit punch.. for Hanyang,
We went back to the hotel. And Slept.

Ahhhhh. The last day. = (

Its very usefull. This little reminder, for being in this country called Malaysia, i tend
to forget to fasten my seatbelt. =)

Oh and the interior of the taxis are nice. and BiG.

With the taxi we went to the train station.

Me and hanyang were like. WTF? This is.. a total different
train station from where we were dropped off on the first day.
We panicked. Then asked around.
Confirmed it was right. ==

i was bored.

It says FMSR.
our first guess.
Female... something somthing? err..
okay. Second guess..
One of us were like : i KNOW! Fk malaysia, Singapore Rocks!.
Hmm.. we never did find out wuds FMSR.

Our source of entertainment in the train.. another 8 hours.
Hanyang's mom fetched us home. =) so kind of her.

Overall, Its a fun trip.
Singapore dollers are expensive.
But if you compare the wages and the price of food there. to this sad country,
You can see that living, working in singapore is MUCH better.
example : sg, $7 an hour in MC.D
msia, rm5 an hour in MC.D

Sg : average lunch is around. $ 4
Msia : average lunch is around rm6.

See the difference?


OKAY. Lets plan the next trip! =)